We should pay attention to IC card development

Release time: 2015/10/30 12:46:56

With the advent of the global information technology, networking and knowledge-based economic tide, the strategic position of the integrated circuit industry is becoming increasingly important, it has become a matter of national economy, national defense construction, people's livelihood and the basic information security, strategic industries . especially in recent years, in the world's semiconductor industry environment continues to improve, the performance of the integrated circuit at an alarming rate and the rapid development of miniature, its development potential, high-tech and the broad market are amazing. at the same time, China's IC industry has also begun the rapid development of the world are trying to move closer to the cutting edge of technology. That is, we Chinese ic deck industry has begun to take shape, and to get rid of the blind is in a simply focused on the manufacture and consumption and to a core technology areas critical stage of transition, all of the ic deck elites are together to build China's own "Chinese core", the core technology for the early reverse in the kinds of situation, which is every incumbent elite ic deck and also the largest industrial research purpose, we hope to be able to comprehend it.
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