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Release time: 2015/10/30 12:47:38

With the non-contact logic encryption card application process continues, the non-contact logic encryption card technology also increasingly exposed shortcomings, it is difficult to meet the needs of multi-applications greater security and more complex. In particular, in October 2008, published on the Internet a crack MIFARECLASSICIC chip (hereinafter referred to as M1 chip) password method criminals use this method can lower the economic cost for using this chip types of "card", access control ic card Block recharge or illegal copying, a great deal of social security risks. Therefore, the non-contact CPU card smart card technology is becoming a technology replacement options.

Key Management System (KeyManagementSystem), also referred to KMS, is the core of the security IC project. How secure key management throughout the entire life cycle of IC card applications.

1, the safety certification of non-contact logic encryption ic deck depends on each sector KEYA and KEYB independent verification, through a combination of different security sector control word for KEYA and KEYB achieve literacy sector data security control. Non-contact logic encryption card personalization is relatively simple, mainly including data and each sector KEYA, KEYB updates, including all sensitive data during KEYA and KEYB are updated directly in the form of plain text.

Since KEYA and KEYB checksum mechanism can only solve the card authentication for the terminal, the terminal can not solve the card authentication, which are commonly called "Weika" risk.

Fixed non-contact logic encryption password ic deck is a key pre-set, no matter what method of calculating the key, and finally it must be original and fixed passwords written agreement, it can read and write data to be protected operation. So whether it is a card and a secret password system is a unified system that can be achieved through the cracks of the non-contact logic encryption decryption ic deck. Many people think that as long as the use of a card a secret, real-time online system or a non-contact logic encryption ic card holder ID number will be able to avoid key is decrypted, in fact, non-contact logic encryption ic deck is decrypted means M1 card can be copied using the online system to do to avoid being illegally recharge, but can not guarantee the illicit consumption, namely a copy of the same ID number M1 card, it can be illegal consumption. Current technology uses FPGA can be completely replicated. Based on this principle, M1 access card is unsafe.

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