IC card reader mode

Release time: 2015/10/30 12:48:10

ic deck of reading and writing data protocol or a different way, ISO 7816 standard for asynchronous read and write protocol type ic deck was fully defined, and for synchronous ic deck, defines the protocol reset Response Process Standard, fortunately many are in ISO 7816 ic deck synchronous reset response protocol data read as ic deck agreement.
(1) achieve synchronous read operations ic deck
Read out the process data is divided into three basic processes: reset read positioning data fields and data out.
(2) an asynchronous protocol type ic card holder
Ic deck type asynchronous operations much simpler. Mostly with a microprocessor, operation of the card only ATR process and delivery and response process COS command, the communication agreement in strict compliance with ISO7816-3 standards.
ISO7816 standard asynchronous communication standard computer format and asynchronous communication format is basically the same, the provisions of the standard card at 3.57MHz clock frequency of the initial rate of 9600bps, the rate of compliance with the existing standard asynchronous communication rate.
To facilitate the reading and writing, the asynchronous communication interface data port ic ic deck deck interface devices constituting the respective half-duplex asynchronous communication logic path.
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