IC card industry will have a better development

Release time: 2015/10/30 12:49:04

IC card industry encountered a bottleneck in the development. 2008 global financial crisis, as well as fluctuations in raw material prices in recent years, most of the low-voltage electrical industry, the enterprise market and its benefits have a greater impact, which, on the production, the impact of high-end products and outstanding enterprises is relatively small, it is worth Our industry-wide thinking: long-term production consume a large amount of raw materials, poor performance of low-end products have nothing to rely on future IC card business survival and development?

Faced with the financial crisis, IC card connector products and industry overall lead? I think, IC card connector restructuring will be accelerated, with the electrical aspects of product development and the gradual completion of the market will enable IC card product performance, integrated technology, miniaturization, intelligence, networking, environmental protection, reliability, etc. improved significantly. Meanwhile, IC card connector industry structure adjustment will be synchronized to speed up, in the 1990s, China's low-voltage electrical industry has been a major restructuring, the main target is the state-owned enterprises, resulting in the disappearance of five bases. This adjustment is primarily aimed at medium and small private enterprises.

    Domestic enterprises will appear domestic and foreign market penetration of high-end status, while the emergence of the domestic foreign-funded enterprises, medium and low market penetration trend. IC card industry show their strength in this crisis, in this battle against the economic crisis will be tight encirclement, which is a better development of the entire industry.

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