IC card manufacturing process

Release time: 2015/10/30 12:49:33

Currently, IC card connector widely used with more advanced chip CMOS, BiCMOS and other integrated circuit manufacturing process, has better electrical and robustness. With the future development of VLSI technology and processes, technology trends will be the following: IC card connector chip operating voltage <2V; minimum data write / delete cycles 1000,000 times, antistatic 15kV, EEPROM memory programming time <1ms; all these technological advances will make the application of IC cards become more reliable and practical.

IC card reader devices and interfaces as the system user interaction, will face a variety of complex application environments, such as ATM (automatic teller machine) in the financial system applications will likely be placed in open public places, in the face of high temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference and other environmental; in electrical, automotive automatic ticketing system in the face of the vibration, electromagnetic interference and other environments. Therefore, it should be noted at the design stage IC card reading and writing equipment Adaptability environment.

Currently, the contact method of contact IC card and IC card roughly between sliding and under pressure two. Wherein the sliding deck wear and tear on IC card contacts larger and IC card reading and writing equipment design, if unreasonable, easily damaged IC card; and a well-designed deck under the pressure almost no wear IC card contact, the IC card has good protection, it can ensure a long and reliable IC card use. Of course, under the pressure due to the design of complex BU acne, multiple parts, precision machining, and its price is higher than many sliding deck. Application development units or distribution units visible different application types a reasonable choice of different types of deck.

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